‘Molytva, Demonstratsya’ [A prayer, a protest.]

Art Direction

This piece functions as a shrine. A place of worship to pay homage to the Ukrainian spirit in the flux of upheaval.  A people use to turbulent changes in regime, the practice of shrine building is commonplace. Protest posters represent the ongoing fight for identity, using language from rebel Ukrainian poet Lesya Ukrainka - then and now identifying as Ukrainian can cost you your life. This is a protest, a call to arms, a prayer for freedom of the Ukrainian spirit, it will not be silenced . As we sing in our national anthem: ‘Sche be vmerla Ukraina’ - ‘Ukraine is not dead yet’.
Project X


Art Direction 

A test shoot conceived, build and shot in 24 hours. Testing introduces maker, showing capabilities in art direction and editing as well as my ability to work within a set timeframe. 

A Language of Protest


Creative + Concept
Art Direction
Flag Design

The Ukrainian flag is a stripe of yellow representing its fields of wheat and blue representing the sky. In a time of war, a reimagining of the flag to show the conflict and reflect the feelings of Ukrainians at the time, using written word, and original colours of yellow and blue. 

Intended as protest pieces, the flags are shown in public places to make their message heard.

30  Days

Art Direction,
Written text

In lieu of the Russian invasion, Hudson began to document the days.  Writing down ongoing thoughts and feelings portrayed the headspace of a Ukrainian living in England through this time of genocide.   

The Pdf That Killed Me


Inspired and overwhelmed by the vast quantity of pdf’s being made over the process of hand in, my portfolio is a tongue in cheek joke take on the classic pdf portfio, formatted to look like a funeral order of service booklet.